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Programme stages

July 2015

There are three key stages to the programme:

  1. Community call out (until 28th Sept 2018)
  2. Development phase (autumn 2018/spring 2019)
  3. Programme delivery (spring 2019 and for up to three years)

1 Community call out

At this stage, we are asking if you want to get involved – this means sending us some information by filling in a short form or sending us a short video/ audio recording. We can help you to do this – see the sections below and contact us. We need this information to reach us by 28th Sept 2018.

2 Development phase

After the deadline, we will select some communities to work with us from autumn 2018 onwards. To do this we will probably want a range of different types of local communities addressing different issues, taking a variety of approaches, communities spread across England, and so on. We expect to get more applications than there are spaces on the programme. For any communities that are not selected, we will consider what else we might be able to offer, and how to let you know what we are learning through the programme once started.

We really want to work together with the selected local areas, during autumn 2018/spring 2019. This will be as part of a funded and supported process of local creative workshops, conversations, surveys, and more. By doing this we are aiming to:

  • Support you to develop your ideas and local plans
  • Decide together what support you would need to deliver these, including funding but also inspiration, advice and guidance, etc

3 Programme delivery

Once these plans are all worked up and agreed, communities will begin to deliver their plans locally – from spring 2019 and for up to three years. We are also interested in sharing experiences and learning from the programme to inspire others to use the arts and creativity to make positive change.

We think it is possible that not all communities that participate in the second phase will come through to the delivery phase. If that is the case, we will consider what else we might be able to offer, and how to share what we are learning through the programme once started.

There is more information on the programme in the briefing document and FAQs. You can also contact us us with your questions and to find out how we can help with this process.

We’ve moved! Please update your records

The Local Trust office is now at CAN Mezzanine, 7-14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR.

Our phone number has not changed, it remains 020 3588 0565.

There are changes to the direct dial telephone numbers of some staff members.

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