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Big Local

St Peter's and the Moors

St Peter’s and the Moors Big Local area is in Cheltenham. St Peter’s estate and the Moors estate are separated by a busy dual carriageway. The two estates share a small parade of shops located on the St Peter’s side of the carriageway.

A lot of people enjoy living in our area and there’s a strong sense of community. However, unlike other areas in Cheltenham where there are concentrations of people living on low incomes, our area hasn’t previously benefitted from regeneration funding. Big Local is therefore a great opportunity for residents locally to decide what changes would improve the area for the future and how we can make St Peter’s and The Moors an even better place to live and work.

Since we got the news that we were selected as a Big Local area, we have been developing a resident-led partnership, engaging with partner organisations that can support us to deliver our ambitions and talking to residents about the changes they want to see happen in the area.

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