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Big Local theory of change

April 2013

The Big Local theory of change was produced after a series of group discussions and interviews with Local Trust and our partners directly involved in setting up Big Local. Their views, opinions and ideas have been brought together in this paper which sets out the Big Local theory of change, including how the Big Local outcomes can be achieved.

To support this process Local Trust have used New Philanthropy Capital’s theory of change process ( to outline how we suggest Big Local will meet its intended outcomes. The theory of change considers a range of inputs and activities that help us take steps towards meeting programme objectives, while making clear the assumptions and context behind Big Local. Attached at appendix 1 is the logic chain we used that explains this process followed.

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) describe a theory of change as:

"a tool that shows a charity’s path from needs to activities to outcomes to impact. It describes the change you want to make and the steps involved in making that change happen. Theories of change also depict the assumptions that lie behind your reasoning, and where possible, these assumptions are backed up by evidence".
Theory of change

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