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Learning from Getting People Involved funding

Planned activities and early learning summary report

June 2013

Published by the Community Development Foundation

Getting People Involved (round 2) funding was made available in 2012 to support the first 50 Big Local areas in the early stages of Big Local. Areas could request up to £30,000 through Getting People Involved. (£10,000 round 1, £20,000 round 2).

Examples of what the funding could be used for include:

  • materials for use in their Big Local activities
  • publicity materials for Big Local
  • salaries of people doing Big Local work
  • transport or travel costs
  • venue hire
  • child care bursaries for those attending events
  • volunteer expenses
  • VAT that cannot be recovered
  • proportionate and reasonable overheads incurred by the locally trusted organisation in delivering and coordinating the work.

This summary has been prepared following a full report written by Community Development Foundation. The full report is based on an analysis of proposals which were submitted by 47 of the first 50 Big Local areas and locally trusted organisations. As such it reflects what Big Local areas planned to do with their funding. The proposals may have been written by the rep, the locally trusted organisation or the interim steering group and reflects a range of experiences in the first 50 Big Local areas.


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