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Support social enterprise to improve your community!

Apply now to be a Star People intensive area

February 2016

By Adam Dixon, communications assistant at UnLtd

At UnLtd we're opening the next round of recruitment for Star People intensive areas. We’re looking to work with a new set of Big Local partnerships who have ambitions to embed a culture of social entrepreneurship in their area.

How could social entrepreneurship make your Big Local Area even better?

What is Star People?

Delivered in partnership with Local Trust, our Star People programme supports social entrepreneurs in every Big Local area to try out, create and build ventures that bring social benefit locally.

Star People works with social entrepreneurs like Sue Williamson who founded Tang Hall SMART to fill a void in her community after the local school closed. Using her experience as a teacher and skills as a musician, she gives vulnerable groups the chance to be involved in a community, enjoy themselves and participate in music. As her venture has grown she has begun to offer employment to other local people.

We believe that local people are best placed to create solutions to issues in their communities and make their area even better. We think that social entrepreneurship allows these people to realise their ambitions in a sustainable way.

We are looking to work with Big Local areas who share our belief in the power of social entrepreneurship and want to create the conditions to help social entrepreneurship thrive.

How could social entrepreneurship make your Big Local Area even better?

How do intensive areas work?

Each year we select up to 15 Big Local areas to work in intensively – utilising the energy and enthusiasm of the Big Local partnership to create a culture of social entrepreneurship in the area.

We work with you to:

  • Develop support networks around existing Star People winners
  • Encourage more people to get involved in social entrepreneurship
  • Look for opportunities for these social entrepreneurs to contribute to your wider Big Local plans and priorities

We take a different approach in each area, driven by the opportunities locally. Together we might decide to look at how we can embed social entrepreneurship into schools, build networks for community entrepreneurs or look to influence local grant funders.

In Clubmoor we worked with the local partnership to set up an award process for local people to apply for funding. The funding was modelled on UnLtd’s approach to funding – working with and building people’s aspirations to make their area even better.

Our work in Dover took time to really get going, some potential opportunities didn’t work out. Our Award Manager reassessed their approaches and decided to work with the energy of existing social entrepreneurs in the area. We created a peer support group with the aim of creating a cohesive group of people doing good, before looking to widen the network. The group has since taken over a disused shop together and are considering plans to create a co-operative.

How could social entrepreneurship make your Big Local Area even better?

What are we looking for?

We are looking for Big Local partnerships that have a real ambition to support social entrepreneurs in their area.

We’re looking for applications from any Big Local area that feels that they have the desire and commitment to create a culture that backs people’s ideas to tackle local issues.

If your application is successful, we'll work in your area alongside the Big Local partnership until March 2017, to identify and respond to opportunities that will help create a culture of social entrepreneurship.

How can you apply?

To find out more and to apply, visit the UnLtd website. The application deadline is 23 March 2016.



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